Medical records

The failure of current systems

Current electronic medical record systems fail to address the basic needs of the physicians.

Lack of interoperability

The systems are built by different companies and are incompatible with each other. 

Offline first approach is needed

If the network connection goes down the medical record should still be accessible locally. 

Patient and physician need to be in focus

Current systems are not made with the patient or the physician in focus. Systems are hard to use and mistakes are easily made. 

Paper records still has a lot of benefits

Electronic medial records has both benefits and drawbacks, and the drawbacks are often greater than the benefits. 

Physicians not happy with the current situation

Many physicians are longing for the good old pen and paper days but feel, sadly, that the technological development is not in their hands anymore and that there is nothing they can do about it. 

Documentation overkill

Physicians should not be forced to become data entry specialists. 

Satire tells the truth

Sometimes parody is needed to display the real sentiment.

The issue very clearly stated