The solution

Why do healthcare systems constantly underperform?

First we must ask ourselves why healthcare systems constantly underperforms in solving the core problems in health data management decade after decade, despite the fact that the eagerness to embrace the latest data science trends are always very hight. In the end, every new technologies just boils down to a mere buzzword the healthcare system providers use when selling their new upgraded systems to healthcare providers. The latest buzzword, blockchain, will be no exception in this respect.

Wrong tools

It’s like all the healthcare systems collectively is a patient that is impossible to cure. As soon as a new drug—in the shape of a data science technology—is introduced, it is seen as the potential saviour that will finally cure the constantly ill patient. 

Not a technical problem

But the reason all new and old technologies fail to cure the patient is because the cause of the problems isn’t technical. We actually never had a privacy or security problem. All we ever had was an ownership problem. 

The correct solution is simple

As soon as you start to own your own healthcare data you realise that all the various problems plaguing the current healthcare systems will just disappear. You bring your healthcare data to the care provider, the same way you bring your body there. No need for your hospital to store and manage your medical record anymore. 

Open source is key

In order to create this new opportunity for you to totally own your record, use of open sourced software is essential. It is your data that should be kept top secret, not the source code for the system. In addition, open source secures that your medical record will always exist, from the time of your birth to when you die, potentially 100+ years later. 


The simplest way to implement a medical record functionality is to take one of the wiki engines available as open source. 

There are many Wiki engines to choose from

Start the project

Once a suitable wiki engine has been selected all that remains is to start the pttp dApp open source project.